Island Internship

Due to a large number of internship requests, Bali Fashion Dream is curating a fusion between: an island holiday, research trip and fashion school internship. The mission is to provide a creative, cultural experience that can enrich the individual while providing external insights into how to grow our social impact programs effectively.

Bali Fashion Dream has partnered with several organizations to include Barn N Bunk an Organic Farming Education Centre, ROLE Foundation – Bukit Women’s Weaver Association and Nusa Penida Community Artisan Gallery.

The study starts with understanding Elsa Fitzgerald, the brand that formed from the Bali Fashion Dream adventures.

The 9 interns awarded a place will stay for 6 nights 7 days at the research center based on an organic farm on the beach.

We will then travel to the partner NGO Role Foundation to observe and record the challenges facing the Bukit Weavers Association. The team will discuss a plan of action as to how more artisan jobs can be created through trade.

We will then take a speed boat ride to a neighboring island to evaluate progress on a community sponsored natural dyes weavers cooperative.

After the completion of the trip, a presentation will be hosted by Bali Fashion Dream, discussing key findings via social media. The content will be broadcasted to the University of Baltimore – Merrick School of Business – Center of Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Island Internship:

* Dates to be confirmed

Island Research Itinerary – Origins of Fashion Tour

Day 1

Tuesday – Arrival to Bali – Fresh Coconut Welcome

Walk around the Research Center – Beach Walk

Day 2

Wednesday – Visit traditional fashion textile market, fabric wholesalers, material suppliers between Denpasar & Kuta region.

Day 3

Thursday – Fast Boat Ride to a neighboring island – Nusa Penida – visit artisan cooperative and have a drink and work from Beach hut to type up notes and gather ideas on improving community livelihood. Visit to an underground cave temple. Stay the night camping on the beach and swim in the island cove to return in the morning to research center.

Day 4

Friday – Go to another area of Bali called the Bukit where the ROLE Foundation is based along with the Bukit Weavers Association. Examine the textiles and methods of making and understand the key challenges facing the community in terms of expansion and economic opportunity.

Day 5

Saturday– Visit the Textile Museum and preservation center in Ubud (area in Bali where Eat, Pray, Love was filmed). Take a guided meditation workshop and make a traditional Batik fabric swatch. Followed by a visit to the bamboo semi-outdoor co-working space called HUBUD.

Day 6

Sunday – Visit to various business centers on the island that can provide information about setting up a company on the island, to visa support and finding accommodation for possible future visits. Report review and research development to build on solutions to prepare for the business presentation. Each intern will be filmed to explain some of their ideas.

Day 7

Monday – Social Entrepreneurship through fashion and farming. Workshop on the organic farming workshop to explain how businesses of various kinds can bridge poverty gaps and empower communities to flourish while preserving traditional methods of making.

The internship will close with a night of dancing at a beautiful place in the heart of the exclusive Seminyak area. After a sunset drink on the beach of course.

  • Students/Interns are encouraged to book for a two week flight time, so that the first week can be spent for adventure. There are three amazing volcanos on the island worth climbing, surfing and dive spots not to miss.
Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.24.49 PM.png

View from Gunung Batur Volcano

Cost: $3000 includes: mainly organic fresh food, accommodation, travel with speed boats and car from airport and around to different locations, fashion business manual and handbook, Bali Fashion Dream book.

Airline Price: $1500 – $1700 depending on where you are flying. Insurance purchase is required. Along with a waiver of liability form.

Places: Only nine places are available.

  • Send resume to
  • 500 word essay – Explaining why you should be chosen for this placement?
  • 1 minute Video posted on youtube as to why you should be chosen YOUR PITCH
  • Final 10 will be interviewed via Skype by Stacy Stube

Payment: For the three interns will be offered a place held only after full payment of $3000 arrives into the Bali Fashion Dream Paypal account. There are NO refunds available due to the nature of the bookings for accommodation and transport which are paid in advance of the trip.

Health & Safety – Duty of Care 

BFD will require that those attending the trip sign off on the pre-trip education about heath and safety in Indonesia. Along with registering with the home country embassy in the region.

Questions: Feel free to send through any questions.