Stacy Stube Radio Interview


Bali Fashion Dream Available on Amazon

When my life shattered into pieces all I could see on the floor was my need to start again. I closed my eyes in London, opened them up in Bali with the sun racing along my skin.

This was not a holiday, but a home. I created a fashion company by exploring the textile markets and sitting with artisans as they made dresses. Still, I was sad miserable and completely alone.

How could that be? I realized then if I was unhappy in paradise, I would never be happy anywhere, unless I found inner peace.

I climbed a volcano, I fell in love, but the greatest journey was finding myself.

In April 2013, Stacy Stube left London and moved to Bali, Indonesia to build a socially focused fashion business. She spent 13 years working in the fashion industry between the US and UK for brands such as Burberry, Alexander McQueen and Hugo Boss. Stacy holds a Master of Art in Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the London College of Fashion and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Baltimore.

Book Signing Event – Vienna, Virginia USA 2015



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