I shouted at the top of my lungs ‘this is the year that all my dreams are coming true’. Three months later I was wiping the sweat from my brow arriving back to the country of my birth. It is in Bali that I plan to fulfill my life’s calling of setting up my own fashion company.

A few months prior to the big move to Bali, it became apparent that despite having a senior level fashion position, a Masters from the London College of Fashion and a beautiful life in London something was missing. I wanted to be Santiago from the Alchemist and pursue my personal legend.

My words are intended to encourage dreamers to believe that the impossible is possible through a glimpse into how I overcome the daily struggles of this pursuit.

Come join me on this amazing adventure, I am blessed to call my life!

Bali Fashion Dream Teaser

What is your dream?

Collection Inspiration – Elsa Fitzgerald

Collection Process – Elsa Fitzgerald

Thanksgiving at the Orphanage

Talking to the Factory Owner

Fashion Collection Factory Tour

Living in Denpasar, Bali

Giving Back

Dream Club Baltimore

Global Entrepreneurship Week

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