Lose Sense

Keep at it until that which seems foreign becomes your dearest friend. My muscles cannot find their initial courage to charge, but if I walk in time the heart will remember to run. It is ok to fall behind and lose touch with your joy. You can always search for hope. 

I want the romance and beauty of fashion in its full expression. Factory garments and large volume access is not craft. Art lives in the movements few can know. It is in the spirit when design finds its own time. Speed of process removes essential ingredients. 

I want to create a different sort of fashion that does not scale and is not with the times. I want to fall into the mystery of the work and come alive. Death comes to the waste of these post industrial times. I want the exaggeration of the spirit of work that matters.

There is always the apprehension to start. Yet it is more painful to put off doing the things that live in your heart. Do not let desire fade into another day. For when the moment comes when it is too late you will wish you endured the pain to begin.
I am always putting aside my own fashion work in the support of other’s work. Not sure the outcome if I were to completely deep dive into my own creativity.
I often wonder if I can support others and grow my own work effectively. Standing with Clarrissa from Tailored Fit. A SEW BROMO student who won the top prize from the University of Baltimore Rise to the Challenge Competition.
Success seems to be bitter sweet as my heart is ready to open a new book to the nature of my work.

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