Lightning Laugh

You cannot live there. The past is only going to hold your roots. Let it go you can not change circumstances. You must decide. What will you do today that will course correct the missed chances? Get into the reality of hopes losing form.

What will you sew today? Few people in modern society get good at sewing. Why? Well they do not stick with it. They stop and start and then do not absorb knowledge enough for understanding. They never reach a skilled stance.

Then there are the diligent workers who move through the confusion, nervousness and mistakes to excel and enjoy the mastery that finally arrives. If you want to achieve any form of progress you have to stay the course until that door opens.

Often I look to where I have come from and see where I missed the opportunity to show up and really embrace important moments. Photo from 2013 while in Bali wearing the Daisy dress I designed.
There is always an opportunity waiting in every minute of your days. It is just too often we are day dreaming of the past that we miss the future we could have been building today.
Behind the scenes photos from a lunch break media capture for a magazine story of my work in Bali, Indonesia 2015.
Media shoot present day, but for the Maryland Institute of College of Art for the Creative Entrepreneurship Studio press release.

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