Hello Hope

​​Trust the transitions. I took on an additional position for an arts institution and was nervous that it might take away from my fashion work. But I knew I loved supporting early stage creatives in building ventures that ignited their passion. 

At the start I was torn to where my attention and heart would live. But as I began to understand and trust my strength, I found my stride to truly come alive. It seems that both sides of the work nourish the other. I have started to step forward in many ways.

The bigger body of work may take time, but know that each step and fall is for a reason. Continue to reach and breathe into the expanse of self to shine. Smile through the discomfort and press into muscles hiding behind doors your heart longs to open.

I am the Associate Director for Creative Entrepreneurship at the Maryland Institute College of Art. I just finished moderating a panel on Creative Entrepreneurship at Impact Hub for the Industry days event. Standing with a product design MICA student from Singapore talking about his start-up idea.
Even as a student at the University of Arts London, I really enjoyed the energy in entrepreneurial communities. You get the sense that anything and everything is possible if you are willing to do the work.
The best part of my job is connecting early stage idea people with entrepreneurs that are many miles ahead, but willing to share their roadmap on the journey towards opportunity.
SEW BROMO has its first coverstitch machine. Thanks to the generous contribution from Susie Ganz from Lion Brothers we are stepping into the next iteration of fashion entrepreneur education.

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