Trusting Haze

Don’t leave yourself behind as the world turns circumstances upside down. Your dreams matter. The heart for the work must learn that the cards you store in the cold will fold. Trust that by showing up and doing that one thing that you trigger that hint to grow. 

Let the integrity of possibilities force your hand to hold. Tightly squeeze fear out the door. Let waves crash through barriers that never existed. Blow out dust and clear that desk. Let the leaves dance into a story that is nourished. 

You are fine even if your muscles shake with an uncertain power. Let streams of tears blend with sweat of progress. Standing is stillness made uncertain. Keep on walking, from the first to the last step. Choose the path you crave.

I remember a day early in this work, the move to buy this cart was a big choice. It meant we were here to stay and investing in growth at this location. Do not let those seemingly small choices get left behind. Commit and show up when the time comes to level up. Saying yes, opens doors that are connected.
Keep going! I introduced a new course I knew we needed, but despite selling the program I was nervous to launch and grow. I did not want to disappoint our students so I had to show up with my best self and they were inspired. Do not hide, your beauty is waiting to come alive.
The SEW BROMO Fashion Entrepreneur Essentials training is back in session and we are thrilled to welcome new students to the program.
Success has a ripple effect. The more you show up, the more life aligns with your courage. I love meeting passionate early stage fashion ventures. They are both nervous and excited to get to work. We are here to provide context and specialized educational to keep them on the path towards progress.

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