Lightning Strikes

Sometimes we miss where the story began and how far we have come. Looking at the fine print we forget the vast steps that we have won. The changing guards shift into overtime. Let’s make the haze fade to embrace wealth of spirit. Do not let your mind fool you. 

You have got this figured out. Trust those inclinations to be bold. See the magic because it is asking you to open the door. I am always wanting to lean back and find the norm within the work. But I was not built that way. I look for that next breach. 

When easing up I forget to breathe because my heart is longing for me to take a chance. Go for the evolution of this dance. Unravel into the spell that casts waves to build walls that at times come crashing down. Deep dive to align with what you find.

This was the first morning of the 200-mile run. I was completely on my own. It was cold and I was afraid of the challenge I had set for myself. I had to put that concern aside so I could keep the run on time.

When there was concern for my safety running alone in the city for so many hours the run moved indoors to the Wicomico building. But I kept going and forcing my brain to accept that we are doing this crazy thing that in many ways does not make sense.
It was tough keeping my spirit up when doubts kept running beside me. Despite them I carried on.
Then when close to the finish line of this quest for change for the garment industry. My mind shutdown and did not want to continue. Fortunate for me I had a great many friends who may not have been there in person, but in spirit drove me to keep moving and achieve what was a week earlier an impossible reality.

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