Moon Full

Confuse the process. Mess it up if you must. But make sense of moments of feeling lost. Stand back and see how to rebuild. Discomfort of learning is an emotional chord. Become the essence of winds that move you. Lean in until senses surface.

Courage is a worthy force. Come face to face with dreams you push away. Fear only wins when you retreat. Let whispers calling you to play find their way. Life is paved through the ever calling hopes we explore. 

Shower your garden with seeds that flower into spring. Twist and turn until you get to that door. When you arrive do not back down, be ready to shine. Only you can decide if you will arrive. Get out there and move in this new day.

The details of the dream may be blurred, but in time if you keep walking all becomes clear. Trust each step calling you to grow into what you are meant to be.
Time to imagine the next moves to grow this body of work. My desk at SEW BROMO.
The Baltimore Business Journal visted the growth of the Fashion Garment District at Wicomico. The Cavanagh House is a needletrade nonprofit a neighbor to SEW BROMO.
Sohn working with some new recruits to the program. Showing Carley from reporting on the SEW BROMO follow up story.

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