Sun Keeper

It is ok to break down and fall apart at times. Life is just telling you that it is time to figure some things out. The aches and tears are calling for change. If we remain in the cold we would never grow. Stretch onto holds that wish to close. 

Wake from the winter and let spring shout into a new song. Linger only long enough to summon courage to take on the day. Let the gray make way for outcomes worth climbing towards. Then move into the breeze and lean into the wave. 

You’ve got the strength, the will, the power to transform. Trust the whispers that know the tides will collide. Dive in with all that you’ve got to the ledge of your own flutters. Know that joy is calling you to come along as the sun rises.

Circa 2013 working in Bali and building a fashion dream.
Baby me in Indonesia with Grace my older sister on the right. Seeing this image helps me to understand the wildness in my spirt. The islands seem to call in a way where I am swinging from tree tops in my mind and wondering where the impossible dreams hang out.
This is my idea of a day in the office. Visiting Kuala Lumpur to check out a textile museum followed by dancing through a botanical garden barefoot.
Sometimes the plane has to be grounded so that it can weather a few storms.

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