Wild Eyes

Standing at the crossroads of extremes. Turn left or was it right? We can never know which path to hold. Yet we must walk. Trust that hope will open the next door. Even when the body is out of shape and the mind is calling you to abort, stay your course with a steady hand.

What do you really want to be doing and how can you make that a reality? That is a question I asked at the launch of this blog so many years ago. That is a tough question to ask because the answer is scary and challenges us to evolve.

Looking back I can see all the good parts of my work, but I was naive and did not believe in my own worth. It is time to honor those spaces where a garden forms at the core. Go in and pull the weeds and make space to embark into the unknown.

Getting back into the classroom and teaching Intro to Fashion Entrepreneurship at SEW BROMO.
Speaking event for SEW BROMO at the Techslice DEMO Day!
Ideas form into reality when we do the work. Type that post, create that class, show up for that speaking event and continue to listen to the heart that is calling.
Looking forward to giving a talk at the London College of Fashion.

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