Ease In

Let something bold and brilliantly beautiful rise to the surface. Death of self is not always a loss, grow out of a skin that does not work. Trust your inner evolution. Let emotions spin you around to turn ideals upside down. 

Listen to what you need to fill with hope? Trust that the days are making way for an exciting wave. Throw your hands up to the rain and dance. Match each shock with an onward push. Let go so you can form a fresh path to lay.

We cannot stop the gray of clouds. But we can climb towards a heart’s call. Find one arm reaching toward the next. The rough bits may leave you thinking something is off. On the contrary life is shaking you up so that small voice can be heard. 

We have not been profitable within the work and it was making me mad inside as I paid for our operations and not myself. I started to realize I was giving away services and space use without the bottom line in mind.
I was focused on the cause and creating impact but then I knew if I did not make a change quick I would bleed myself dry. That is exactly what I did I ran to the end of the runway of our work and almost had to jump off the cliff so it did not crash and burn.
Fortunately the traction and reputation for the work has awarded us more time 1-year to be exact. I have rigidly drawn the line in the sand for myself, the team and the community. We cannot operate as a nonprofit or we will go under. We have to use the mission as the incentive, but business has to come first so we can keep the lights on to grow.
It is most natural for me to give, but one can no longer give when everything is taken. Instead this next chapter for me and SEW BROMO is to nourish myself and the space so those around the work can flourish. It does not work the other way around.

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