Standing Tall

What is the one thing you can do everyday to bring you closer? It is not in the grand gestures that progress is made. It is in the small steps that we walk consistently toward that ideal reality. Let the small sprout spread roots to grow.

New heights give shape to stand. We evolve into the person we need to be in order to make the climb. The climb builds the courage needed to take that next step. So when you are feeling heavy, just move one foot forward and let the other follow. In time you will build your stride.

What is your first step? I guess for me it writing this blog again among other things. I am reminded that with each finger lifted a dreamer’s magical glance forms imagination into words. Let your eyes see what your heart already knows.

How many times do we shelve ourselves? Putting our dreams and ideals away. Packed with excuses as to why it cannot and will not work.
Then I am reminded it does work. My first Elsa Fitzgerald collection sold to clients around the world.
The Holly Dress worn by a client in Hong Kong.
The Elsa Fitzgerald dresses standing together. It is about time I embodied the very designs and spirit of Maison Elsa Fitzgerald.

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