Light Up

Stand up for what you believe in, even if you are your greatest foe. You’ve got many chances to open that door you continue to ignore. If you never reach you cannot grow. There is a magic to the world of possibilities that likes to give you a cheeky smile. 

Just when you have settled in the wind begins to flip what you know inside out. Go ahead, take it in and process this universal laugh. Take courage and walk strong. You will make mistakes and fall out of touch with the mission, but never give up the path worth making. 

It is in taking many of the wrong roads to find the right one. Do not lose heart because one day just when you least expect it all the things you have been building will evolve into that impossible thought. Today, dream and question what your days can adore.

My design work has been on hold since the launch of SEW BROMO. Here I have the kebaya on the dress form I made on the Master Apprenticeship program with the Maryland State Arts Council.
My friend Mariah trying on the latest color of the Maison Elsa Fitzerald Sabrina suit at Belvidere Terrace Atelier.
I can remember rushing to get this studio set-up before this interview with Voice of America. The Elsa Fitzgerald studio had been closed during the pandemic in 2020. To date this video has over 82k views.
I am feeling called to go back to the roots of my work to continue moving it forward.

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