Break Through

There is always light and beauty wishing to radiate. Can you feel that tug at the dawn of possibilities asking you to wake? Yet there lives a voice calling you to stay. Which one will you heed? Will you take up your craft to unleash a world of magic buried in the soul?

Fight for progress. Yes it takes work and yes it will hurt. The pursuit is a climb towards twinkling moments at the summit’s reach. But you have got it in you to surface. You grow stronger as muscles form around growth.

Then again there is also the climb down and the various inclines. Understand that you will never stand. Stillness is brief and then the revolving hands you embrace take on a new day. Live into the moments when you want to back away. Crawl if you must but never walk away from the dark.

My little mom is where I get my passion and fire for the work.
Moments to celebrate and times to enjoy life.
Looking forward to sewing a new chapter with my Kebaya work and Indonesia.
Kicking off the evolution fo my speaking events around impact through fashion entrepreneurship.

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