Come Alive

What would it look like to become the full embodiment of your most brilliant self? What would you create? How would you feel about being free? Ease requires a hunger to listen so that you can answer the call.

The future is not yet made. Your steps can shift a destiny wishing to turn. Grab hold of your hopes so that dreams know they are welcome. Let the winds transform the darkest of thoughts.

We are not here to sit on the shelf of our years. We are here to challenge our greatest fear and lift up into something new. Show up each morning, writing, drawing, walking, dancing, laughing to the wealth of spirit.

I am lighting the path so others can build fashion dreams. Austin brought his various fashion start-up ideas for a consultation.
My heart is happy to be able to make a home at SEW BROMO for fashion entrepreneurs to grow ventures that are creating positive impact within their community.
I really enjoy promoting Sew Bromo start-ups who are still understanding the beauty of their work. Behind the scenes photoshoot with Baltimore Small.
The Icosa Apparel Impact bag will be hitting Made in Baltimore stores this spring. These are made with donated coffee bags in the SEW BROMO factory in partnership with Cavanagh House.

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