Bring Forth

Don’t wait. Go by yourself. Walk along the path that is always calling. Your heart is asking you to play. Trust the skips that never miss. Days are passing as the sun continues to glow. Everyday in every moment find those pieces of truth to be you.

Take one thousand is better than chances that never happened. Faith in the work turns chapters into hope. Let the winds walk strong. Go along and see what your life wants you to be. Let the discomfort of the endeavor charge onward.

Keep typing, keeping believing, keep breathing. Openings are found beyond where you would have given up. They can only be seen when trees sway free. Beauty of spirit waits with ease. Create the impossible and make the journey your greatest pursuit.

We have received the Creative Baltimore grant through the Maryland State Arts Council and look forward to producing a fashion film. Photo Credit: Pat Bourque
I hope to return to my painting with lace dresses this year and complete the Royal Museum Dress Collection. Photo Credit: Pat Bourque
Times only change when you do. This is an image of me working at the old school garment factory in the USA. Looking forward to doing work that positively impacts the global fashion industry.
Looking forward to launch SEW BROMO’s technical trainings in a new format.

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