Push Back

Let the nature of the work surprise you. It may twist you to turn, but remain steadfast. You will never know until you reach. Take to the road and go all in. Storms and shadows will always startle the heart. Go on, keep on walking, one heavy step at a time.

You do not need to know all the answers. You will get stuck. You will question every move and when you do keep moving. All these unfamiliar emotions will settle and your voice will surface with a new tone. Be strong and stern.

Your eyes will lighten to darkness and you will find your way. You will begin to recognize signs and roadblocks will no longer seem so high. You will begin to breathe with ease. Struggle only wins when you choose not to surface beyond the fog.

This was a defining moment. I was not sure how I would rebuild a new fashion industry in my hometown. But I knew I had to start exactly where I stood.
For 3-years I worked in an old school garment factory making an intern’s wage to fight to keep the industry alive. I wanted to make sure there was a future for the next generation to love.
On New Year’s Eve 2020, I was fired out of the blue. It was tough at the moment to adjust to this reality. I knew my former boss was afraid I would become his competition. So I made his greatest fear come true. I opened up shop in a small coworking space in the same building and then started fashion programming.
We piloted the SEW BROMO classes in the evening after the main office staff had gone home. The space was converted into a fashion school with Nicole who worked for a competitor factory became our main educator.

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