Easy Breathing

It can be hard walking away from something or someone you love. At times you have no other choice, but to turn away. I know a new chapter of my fashion work must evolve. But there is something that wants to stay behind and walk in another’s shadow.

There are many things that need to change and that are simply unacceptable for our industry. I could have only learned these uncomfortable truths by getting down in the mud and seeing that it remains messy.

What do you do when you know the path you walk is not on point? I have struggled to process this reality, but I am ready to remove factors I know that do not work. It is time to clear out the past and make a fresh start.

Despite fashion being the most beautiful thing I know the industry has many holes in the system.
The future of my work is to build systems that can guide fashion ventures to launch responsibly.
One big shift for now will be to put our beloved technical courses on hold.
Developing a fashion venture takes a great deal of technical skill that few can master in a lifetime. Fortunate for Baltimore and the industry Belvidere Terrace Atelier exists and Nicole can bring to life ideas which for most would remain on the sketch pad.

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