Bold Moves

Go ahead believe in yourself! I dare you to be the best version of what is possible. You have got it in you. I know it may not feel like it right now, but it is time. You will hurt from holding yourself back. You do not need success in the traditional sense.

Squeal with joy when you find the path. Commit fully to cherished goals so wealth can form. Light will rise from the darkness.

Staying upset leaves webs to gather. Break through and sweep out the cold. It is time to get to work. Fill your cup with a garden full of opportunities.

This was a 9-month program that was amazing but tough to commit to with the launch of SEW BROMO.
Through the program I really had to connect to the heart of the work and how it would evolve. This was our end of program pitch.
The best part was getting to know the other fellows building impact driven ventures around the world.
Hard decisions have to made at times. I had worked so hard to get into the Johns Hopkins Social Innovation Lab program. As programming began I realized I was completely burned out from existing demands and had to turn down away from my place.

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