Arms Reaching

I had to run long enough and hard enough on my own. Deep within the heart of things I knew I was never alone. I knew that others were lifting my heart when my mind wanted to give up. You were there when I could not breathe and I felt the winds were too strong. We must be there for the heros of modern times.

Why because deep down in everyone of us is the search not for fame, not for glory, but for that something more within the soul if given a chance to grow? As the distance grew and faith fell cold, I was told. You got this, keep going, we are holding the ribbon at the finish so just push.

I did not know how the story would take form, but I knew I had to come with all that I’ve got. Resources were thin a pandemic and wings fallen for industry. But I still asked, I still stepped forward. We need others to crash and burn, so we can see that they can survive the will to dream.

I send you all so much love and encouragement with your inner battles that you keep silent.

Love is always an arms reach to hold. Remember that the greatest support you must earn is your own heart then the work flows with hope.

We did it! We are planting the most beautiful fashion garment factory.
When we launched this program in July 2019, Nicole stood inside of a museum behind an empty cutting table with a simulated bundle of cutwork. Here she stands behind cutwork going onto the production floor to be sewn.
I used to visit the Gian Marco shop once a week to train with Calvin another veteran of industry. I miss those days and lessons. He is now home to stay safe. Perhaps one day soon when it is right to do so he can teach me like old times.
I look on at this photo with so much joy. I know the fear, I know how small I felt against such a big industry. Fashion, friends and family it is because of you that we were able to grow up. December 2020 will be a mark for an amazing change of hands.

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