Ready Made

Endurance is achieved by the many hits that move beyond. Resilence of spirit finds answers in the cold. Heros unlock the power to charge after a crawl.

The will to move beyond is a tough desire. For in the standstill the heart yearns to beat.

Breathe heat not to measure but to feather. What a world we can build if we are willing to wake?

I was training with a master trainer Calvin, but had to stop due to the state of the world. I miss sitting quitely and just hand sewing.
At a gala many years ago when Nicole and I. We first connected during a Royal Historic Fashion Exhibition.
I started my studio in an old clock tower in Baltimore. I am laying on the inside of the clock face towering over the city of Baltimore.
I tried to be a traditional fashion factory girl, but that is not my way.
I gave away the jeans and converse and went back to my vintage dresses and ballerina flats.

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