Island Child

Make progress a daily workout. Move aside inner roadblocks. Search through your worries candle up a lamppost. Align with answers. Then walk alone if you must, but make sure it is in the way that is right.

Pull all those strings and blow out youth to bloom. Sparkle that smile for as long as you can. Let life be uncomfortable, let it squeeze you. But do not ever let those pieces fall. Build a foundation that can never be broken.

Return often with zeal. Even when days feel long and you do not know the song. Let your heart leap. Love is a muscle. Workout your fears and be niave. Open arms wide and welcome hope.

Many years ago visiting the island where I was born in Indonesia.
Arrival to Sangihe Talaud located above North Sulawesi
Naha one room airport, so special to go back with Grace. We spent our early years here as little island children.
The compound where my parents worked to help support my grandfather in his mission work.

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