Unleashing Ease

I have never gotten to this part. Usually I would have turned away with fear. I would have done something to self-sabotage or to distract from the focus. Something has changed, as if I had moved beyond my usual gravitational wheel.

Instead of pulling the hand break, I ran charging through my inner tormoil. Screaming so loud in silence, I would not let it happen again. I would break-free from patterns that kept me trapped.

Somehow magically I had to decide if this time I would walk out? I spent years crawling pretending that I was not good enough. Or perhaps I was convinced that I was not strong enough. One day enough became enough and then I was unstuck.

Those early days when I would gather a room full of fashion educators, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to talk about the future of industry.
This is the moment when I stopped talking and I started running. Running and running for as long as I could for the world to become new.
We shouted it out to the world…we are here! We will do better and we are beautiful and full of love for this city.
I recalled memories and realities that only make sense now. I see that I was always guided and supported. I just had to believe in myself to be enough.

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