Factory Funland

As I sipped my second cup of coffee into the night, I smiled to myself. I have not stayed up like this with such love since fashion school. Late nights researching and loving the study of the impossible concepts brought to life. I have been locked in some sort of lost reality. Living in the existence of what is, while forgetting that we MUST dream!

I was stuck in the ordinary and forgetting we can build something extraordinary. I was searching for all the missing pieces to fill in the number gaps between a plan for this business of a fashion factory school. The number crunching was making my head spin. Though as we worked through the figures, logic made what was some pie sitting in the sky something that could be sectioned and ordered.

I created a dream concept about the revitalization of industry. But as I put hand to keyboard, I had to start sketching out what that concept looked like through process and timelines. I found excitement and fear. Sleep is unnecessary this evening, but for sure I will be dreaming as I type away a new way forward for my greatest love story with my beloved fashion.

When I returned to Baltimore, I was working to find solutions to a beautifully broken system.
After years in the field, I met someone who was willing to run and fight towards the beauty that we both shared through this work.
I created programs to test out my ideas and loved seeing how they took shape in time.
I never forgot to creatively play! Cheers to Pat Bourque and his lovely photos up on the big screen shining across Baltimore.

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