Stand Out

I trust in our humanity and the beauty in our work. When pushed against a wall and all you want to do inside is scream. I believe that we come alive. That we must decide. What will this life and our person be about?

Will we be pushed around by our mind or will we take up strides? Will we stand-up and become the best parts on our own? Can we lift off this spell that keeps us cold? I believe we are stronger than we we feel.

We can courage up hope. Let us go out and be bold and brave up to know it will all work out. Keep on with a ring of light and warm a break through.

Starting with what you’ve got you may be surprised at what you might grow into love.
A few years ago I had to start walking in the snow to be ok with the cold.
It is so fun to see talented friends building dreams.
Despite the hold the beauty of the world is always turning.

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