Fire Works

Real stories of pain take us all to a place of understanding. I remember the day I was fired from the dream I love. My family called and asked me to celebrate New Years. I was so sad. I grabbed my yoga mat and went to my class. Drove home still sad, then at 11:30pm I drove to my sister’s house and we walked together and watched the fireworks. Something was so sad and happy in my soul.

Maybe the universe knew I had to stand for me. To fight for progress to know I had the power to run ahead of where the factory could hold. Progress is a choice, but it is beautiful to see it in others because deep down, we know we have it too. I had to go out there and shine like the fireworks I saw that night!

I should have shouted thank you to life. It has been tough still is in its own sort of way, but it has been a choice I would not have made alone. The universe had to kick me out in the cold to see if I would make my own fire and come alive.

The USA factory years taught me what it was to manage one.
The Indonesia factory days taught me how it works offshore.
I attempted to wear jeans briefly with converse, they have since been given away. I prefer my Chanel Ballerina flats.
Sisters for life 🙂

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