Unfolding Earth

Perhaps there is a different story we begin to tell. All those magical dreams have come true beyond anything I could have imagined. I chose to nourish the garden that had always been waiting. Then everything changed because I wanted something more.

I loved every inch of my skin, every second of my days, every good thought I could cultivate. I let my mind reach to all those wonderful things I wanted to adore. Over and over again, I began to teach myself with an open leash how to walk without getting lost.

Breathing became easier and I began to push myself out of the corner. I began to ask for what I needed to grow, I cut open the roof and let tree tops explore. Most importantly I had to love, love, love and love so much more.

My older sister made this for me some time ago, but she is pretty spot on calling me an energetic, bossy, over dramatic princess in waiting.
My next goal is to share my fashion education and adventures with our SEW BROMO fashion school students around the world.
Our big next step is launching a SEW BROMO Pop-up Fashion Factory
The factory has both industrial and traditional machines all of which are fully operational and equally loved.

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