Green Breeze

To become your true and most authentic self takes a great deal of work. It is easy to shutdown and push the world out. But what if you opened up?

What if, in every sense you were there? You honored your hurt and nourished your worth. You let the best parts of growth shoot forth. What if love fought forth?

When in the mild attempts to control you let loose? You were blown by the wind and laughed to the depth of a turn. A smile parted the day to sway.

Sometimes I sneak away in moments that are meant to be enjoyed by many. I love these special times to discover my inner feelings about the world.
The rain began to fall at a special wedding for my cousin Bethany. It was held on a lovely farm.
I had not seen my dad in a long time. Then we were all together and it was wonderful.
So cute seeing my auntie dancing with her son Timothy.

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