Lace Flowers

I am not sure when I lost love and joy. I guess that does not matter now. What I do know is that I found the spirit of the embrace. When my mind wishes to take me into the dark, I sew on. I lift up my eyes and keep believing in beauty.

I stopped pulling my own plug. Instead I began to reach within. I nourish myself with adoration. Through the short hours of the night in a grand house I continue to sew happy thoughts into a dress.

All those reasons to stand tall. I found my inner will to take down my doors. To let this world become more. I start over and over again with flowers made into fabrics, I have finally committed to my marriage to this dream.

2:30am when the world is silent and hands keep moving.
The Madison House dress is magical
The Open Garden dress is a flora dream
Sometimes we had it right from the start – Elsa Fitzgerald 2013 in Bali, Indonesia. I always loved this work, I just didn’t believe in myself enough to make it work the first time. The good news is that life is kind and I have another day to live with love.

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