Royal Imagination

Nothing changes until we do. So that is what I did! I became all the good parts of myself. The lady who loves life and embraces the joy. The dread and fear kept stinging my reach, but I would not bite. I would not stratch the urge. I sewed beautiful dresses that reminded me to dream.

I wrapped up our fashion programs for our in person school. I began meetings to move our program online. I found the pathway to fall into the arms of hope. I began taking small long breaths with joy.

I had to train my heart to open. I moved in a new way. Knowing that the work would blossom into something brilliant. That I had to trust my own courage.

I aligned with those things that mattered. Family, friends and fashion. Yes I have been asked about romantic love. I have unlocked that door to allow for a new love story to form.

I have always believed deeply in love and also my work. I know that it needs its own time to find its way. I never tried to make what I love something that was not right. So in that way fashion grew.

Walking in Mount Vernon park with a little coffee.
Writing letters to friends and family.
At Belvidere Terrace Atelier with Nicole our course leader migrating the program online.
Photos from our last in person Draping Basics course

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