Step Aside

I believe in the beautiful order of life. There is romance despite feeling love has faded into the dark. It is through this journey we can rewrite and build our own sense of the world.

I have spent years trying to understand and share my passion for a broken industry. I was not a fool to know it is ugly and wrong and that the process must change.

I believe that together there is goodness that we can reach toward. It is loving and kind and considers all. So when I imagine and make pretty dresses I am happy at the thought that I am in love with this work.

That through these hands and steps a change can be paved. Injustice and inequality in no way shape or form is acceptable, not by race, sex, gender or industry.

I carry a heart full of love in knowing that by doing so, I am adding to the way I hope the future of the garment industry can form.

This is the first time I took the Sabrina Suit into the wild. On a night walking around the historic town of Frederick. Some drunk girls shouted I love your outfit 😉
Awh my beautiful date and wonderful friend Sara. Always up for a happy adventure.
The beautiful sadness of abandoned beauty. The Mount Clare House was featured in my first film in Baltimore. During a changing of hands it appears to have slipped between the cracks. I visit every once in a while and imagine having a Fashion Heritage & Textile Museum here.
Despite my nervousness, I continue to move the Royal Museum Dress onward toward the most beautiful dresses I can imagine.

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