Fashion Fields

Sometimes we lose all of the time. Over and over again and we cannot figure out how to stand up. Then comes a moment when we choose to reach toward love. Handing out our heart to those things that matter to the depths of our person. Then we ignite a light within the spirit of choice. We stand out and shout out, I am here! I am all in for this life.

Let me be the underdog, but let me continue to play. Whether I warm the bench, I continue to practice a catch and run toward life. Yes, there are times when thoughts flood in and burn away all hope. Yet deep within the soul of the earth, there is a beat that is moving life along.

All the things I care about have taken on a new fight, I know there is a great deal of trekking towards each step along the way. But I feel the pulse for the work that matters. For many years, I turned a blind eye to the ugliness of the garment industry. I let it live. I thought that I had to accept the ugly in order to fight for good.

I was fooled. Ugliness is never an excuse to let sweatshops of America live on in modern days. The garment workers matter and so does a work that does not have to break the backs of its workers. Instead of fighting a broken system, I found others with a spirit for change and we began to change our rules for a new way.


So excited to continue to work from Madison House on the Royal Museum Dress Collection

We loved sewing with our SEW BROMO students again! We are moving to 100% online but will offer a beautiful range of lessons with our subscription program. 

So thankful for these wonderful machines that have allowed our fantastic students to practice their sewing skills.

Thrilled that JESmade has launched a Kickstarter campaign for luxury pet clothes and accessories

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