Run Forward

So often we let go of ourselves and our life’s purpose. This morning I sent out emails to our fashions students welcoming them onto this weekend sewing course. It made me so happy to be able to create a school that shares such a beautiful process. Sewing and fashion in its own right can be overwhelming. When working through the details for the program, the supplies, student registration it can be easy to forget the why.

Then comes a moment that lifts me back to that joyful spirit. I am so blessed to stick with this work despite this changing world. Back in April, since we could not hold classes in person the SEW BROMO team took the summer off to step back and reconnect with ourselves. The course leader and I had to be reminded as to why fashion and our life’s work matters.

It is when we see the zeal and nervousness of students threading a machine or pinning a fabric our hearts light up. Nicole and I are always so nervous before the course runs and then after we smile and laugh with joy remembering how happy our fashion friends are to connect with their own sewing journey.

Note: Never let your head or your fears be the reason you stop chasing after your dreams.

Getting ready for a day of sewing and filming at Madison House

A photo from 2015, when I was traveling and sharing my love for social impact through fashion. Flying from Bali to Jakarta with a back pack full of books and fashion dreams coming true.

To start is always overwhelming, but if you stick with it between the stop and starts…you might just create something magical. 

Wearing Elsa Fitzgerald outdoor lingerie, shoes and bag in Singapore’s China town 2015


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