Live Up

Being back in the studio had me off planning how everything would go wrong. I was nervous when I sat reviewing a dress that needs to be complete. I was kicking around the idea of whether to accept or decline Sustainable Fashion Week in New York. I have always stayed away from mainstream fashion showcases. I prefer the artist gallery format.

I knew I had to commit one way or the other because then I would need to line up the photographer makeup artist and to slim my figure down to fit the dresses. The film submission is August 31st. As I wrapped up a fashion meeting, I unbuttoned a dress that has been on the form collecting dust.

I slipped out of my flipflops and denim shorts. When I stood in the mirror I knew it is time for me to return to making new designs and show the ones that had been made. My big smile hides all my fears that I must face with commitments. To jump, to run, to do all those things that kill my mind, and bring my heart alive.

Pat a dear friend and photographer gets the wheels in motion. The studio is booked and I have asked my best partner in fun crime to help with assisting with dressing me for the shoot. I usually do not use a makeup artist as I prefer light makeup, but if she can make it then even better.

I know that I have been working up to this performance. All the passion must add up to walking. Time to get on my own personal stage and be ok with pronouncing to the world that I love fashion. I will forever and always stick with the good in this industry.

We the fashion entrepreneurs can change the face of the work by how our businesses form. I hope to push the notion of social impact through Sustainable Fashion Week. Now how do I say that through a short film and photography… we will see.


  • Do the right thing even if it feels scary! 


  • Then commit and follow through showing up with your best self.


  • Push your creative boundaries and make something amazing. 

Note: Try and try again. You never know what you might find within yourself when you never give up.

I miss the Bromo Tower where this dress was made. I had a tough time returning to the USA. Little did I know then, but I was transforming into an artist.

This fabric is amazing and will be where I start for the Royal Kebaya Museum dress collection.


I seem to meet the best of people who are so talented and enjoy working together. Pat and I on a shoot that I completely flopped a few years back. I tried to do too much with the production. I know I love the fashion media film side and will continue to learn. 

Some ideas are so out there that you must only keep sewing until you can see them in real life. This dress was made of men’s ties that Pat and an artist from the tower gave me. It made it in print for the Baltimore Sun. 

This dress I have some finishing touches but is pretty much complete. The Duchess of Baltimore dress was made in the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

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