Reach Beyond

Embrace the beauty in all the achievements you have forgotten. Let heaviness and burdens build up your strength. Train toward that climb. Reach beyond what seems possible.

You never know what you have hidden deep in that spirit with time. Stop, start, stop, and start toward the better version of your purpose. When the world spins, jump on board and learn to row. Twist and turn against the rocks that might hurt. Fear is an ever-present companion, it is about time you made friends.

Invite the best parts of your inner world to come alive. Then hustle toward your personal truth, the guiding light of all that matters. Let the stars twinkle in a night sky as the trees blow. Stop the heart-wrenching habits and start building a new way to reach out.

Lie in your own mess and then get tired enough to clean up. Over and over again return to the reset and commit over and over again. Be ok with learning. Shout out and send off your heart’s voice and then assess.


  • Make a list of those big dreams. If you have not done this in a while do it now. 


  • Go inward and ask what you want out of this life?


  • Take the steps toward actions that make this concept real.


Notes: Fear is our own perception of what exists before we reach the summit of all that matters. Decide what is worth the climb and then work it out.

Went whitewater rafting for the first time. I was totally nervous about the concept, but just showed up and listened. Sara fell off the boat and then Brett. Then I got knocked and could not get-up to paddle for a good 30-secs. 

Paddle in hand I was able to bounce up and then eventually paddle through the rapids. Sara loves the scary parts :). So glad that went and am going to return in September for another ride. 

We have been training for our upcoming 1-week on the Appalachian Trail Shenandoah National Parkside. We will trek north carrying all our gear. We sat down and mapped out our shelter points and water sources. 

Jess is amazing! She has done the AT solo for 4-months. We are fortunate to trek with her and learn from her experience. 

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