Right Doings

Showing up seems so much harder in your head than meeting in person. If only we could pull away the webs that blur that inner courage. We have got so much strength and beauty waiting to come alive. Then why do we wait? Why are we afraid? Why are we forever holding back?

Then we arrive and we stand at the forefront of our possibilities to discover that was not so bad. I am now a leader of a Mastermind Female Entrepreneur group. It was not something I raised my hand to lead, it was a random selection. But as I decided to commit I began showing up to the group.

I decided that I had to be a better version of myself to lead. Not on a whim and not by accident. I wanted to gaurentee my success. Then the work came alive because I decided it was time. Not to stand in the corner worrying about why it won’t work. I grabbed the wheel and started kicking my own a**.

I even started an outdoor kickboxing class. It was tough, but so much fun. I couldn’t help but laugh, yet find that courage to keep the spirit up. My roommate and I stayed on for a double class on the second day. My greatest accomplishment has been to do both, live life – have fun and build what I love.

So many opportunities are taking shape because I am willing to wake. The troubles of life will continue to weave in and out of the joyful cries, but that comes with the lines we cast when in it for love. I stand for the goodness that is in all of us and the beauty when we can carry our spirit to a better place.

I am really enjoying getting to know what it feels like to embrace the storms and find the light in it.


  • When life takes you out, when are you want to do is hide: rest, restore and review. Find that passion and fight for it with all that you are and be of service to the world.


  • Lift your heart, eyes and hopes. Let it give you the courage to protect and grow that which matters most.


  • Make time for the beauty of life: friends, family, and nature.

Note: When the moment is tough, lean into kindness and build an inner strength to do the one right thing needed at that time.

I cute so much of my hair off during COVID. Cannot believe how it has returned so healthy and in my nature color.

So crazy that this room, was a hot mess for months and I had to turn it around in a weekend and make it presentable for media coverage. Now it is ready for the work to keep going. 

Beautiful urban garden near my sister’s house, I have not been back in over a year. This is an old photo, but looking forward to seeing how it has grown.

Sweaty grow and workout in the YMCA parking lot with the best adventurer and friend I know.


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