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Looking in the mirror I started to smile. She was there standing in front of me. The hardworking passionate lover of life. For some time the fiery spirit was lost to the dream. Perhaps a dream turned nightmare and everything grew dark.

I could not pull her out of the web she created in her head. So I let the will drown in a desolate misery. Then the world started kicking back and pushing beyond what she thought she could hold. That is when the might turned up.

She stood up for all the things that mattered and would not allow her ties to leave her out cold. She rested from the charge and found play with an adventurous friend. When we woke she created new rules.

The industry that destroyed became one full of joy. We can pick and choose the order of the day. Failing is a part of the wheel we turn. The dresses kept calling from a past worth falling.

Then she picked up the broom and cleaned up the room. Building up a small space in which she can create. Never again would she let the bully on the other side of the wall be the last person standing. The game is on and the old wickedness of the garment industry will not win.


  • When you are mentally battered and bruised it is ok to sit out. Nourish your heart and come back to life.


  • Mental and emotional wellness is just as important as the dream if not more.


  • Do not let mean people push you around. Be kind to the world and let the goodness rise within. 

Note: Let your heart stay happy. 

Finally back at the drafting table in the studio wearing heels and ready to create.
This dress needs some mending, but is the most beautiful dress I have ever made with my own hands from start to finish.
Glad for tight deadlines. They freak me out, but get me moving.
Joy is lace in dress 🙂 especially the Elsa Fitzgerald kind.

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