Jump In

We cannot change when the rain decides to fall. We can only decide whether to catch the ball. Or to pass it on and say it is not my turn. We can worry we can shout, we can say I am calling you out.

But in the end, we cannot pretend that the world and our life could be different. The rainy days can keep the joy away. But if we want it and are willing to work up to it, we can face the monsters in our heads.

We can beat our own game. We can turn this cosmic mess into a shutout to win. We can create the greatest glory of what mostly feels like sorrow. Let it float off on a lake with all the misgivings.

Take on your inner chore and make this life worth loving forth. We are the most beautiful pieces worth mending. Let laughter lines be filled with soul. Dare to be your most fulfilled self.


  • Let go of the things that you cannot control. Then take a look at the framework to determine what matters. How can what you do unravel that which is true? 


  • Keep moving, do not look to the grey clouds that are passing. Look forward to knowing the sun will always shine. 


  • Flourish through your own efforts. Do only the right things and when the wrong things seem right, be ok with those missteps with time. 

Note: So much of life does not work out, but ultimately we must decide who’s plan was it anyway. Perhaps we are exactly as the course was meant to unfold on its own.

After a 2 1/2 hour drive we arrived at a lake full of rain.
After looking into the water I decided well it is warm enough and we are already wet, might as well go for a swim.
The water was magical and I loved the misty mountains settled into the fog.
Sara jumped in and we had the most brilliant swim. We had the lake to ourselves while the campers kept warm. 

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