Level Up

Our life pursuits guide us through the noise. When we get lost in our own way that passion lifts our eyes to the light. It is that love for the work that moves the inner energy to grow. To find the way back to a place to stay. Ignited by a commitment to something that makes the waves unite. All the crashes that came burning down can refine our desire.

If you are back if you are showing up you are meant to move this trigger on. Do not let your mistakes or the set-backs be the reason you step down. A missed workout, a diet lost in motion, a love story that fell apart. All of those things are a part of this dismay. Love the work and strive toward it.

Imagine the world you want to form and then go at it. Tools in hand and an ever-evolving guide. You must trust your reason to rise up. No one is going to do this for you. You are so much stronger than your mind leads you to believe. Go back and stand up to yourself and say, I want this passionate pursuit more than anything.

Then go for it! With all, you’ve got, but stay rooted by nourishing your health, nutrition, and mental stance. You will burn out as a fire without a torch. Let the mission be for the right reasons and then breathe into the scary parts when you want to back down. Keep moving and trusting in who you know you are meant to be.


  • Morning routines are key. They set the pace for the order of the day. This requires starting a bit earlier. I do a morning meditation, journal, gratitude list, and an hour run. This does not happen every morning, but I am working each day to make it a habit instead of an option. 


  • Water! Drink lots of it. I now think of water as a physical and mental detox from things that come into my life. I set levels I must drink triggered by different activities. If left to my own I could exist on less than a glass a day, obviously, this is not good. So I must force the practice. 


  • Meditation as a daily pursuit. I have been good about my morning meditation and have now managed to add another at around 3pm on workdays. 

Note: Dream fulfillment has more to do with one’s ability to build themselves into mentally balanced people. You cannot keep climbing on fumes. So charge your inner and outer world with the environment needed to handle this amazing life.

Sara and I created an adventure chart to include various hikes, camps, and water sports. On this particular day, we mapped a trail 16 some miles long. We got slightly off track and finished with 20-miles eek. 

We are good about making sure to stop and check out the views along the way.

This time we also brought a lot more water, as we had run out on a previous hike.

Nature adventures through fitness have become a rich part of this life. I am glad to live near so many great trails and have a friend who enjoys this pursuit.


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