Island Mind

We live out our wildest tears through our greatest fears. If we could only leap toward the hand that reaches out. We could dream upon a breeze that captivates the years.

Time passes on moments worth lasting. We always want to know what will happen before taking chances. Opportunity does not work in such a way. We must leave our reservations at the door as the books are full.

We must only arrive in time to leap toward the sky. Order is structured borders that cannot be ignored. Our eyes can only see the grey skies that remain. It is in breaking out of shells held.

It is not true. All the rules that were meant to keep things new. They all broke down and returned to the earth. Decomposing to concepts that no longer work. So we have no choice but to go to the board and rewrite our manifestos.

That is when life had to take a sharp turn and trust the concepts we imagine with time. Entrepreneurship marks the path in refining what was there all the time. It is just from a certain angle that light captures the line to collide.


  • Do not be so quick to follow your own lists. Take a step back and evaluate the end result. Are you reaching toward something that matters deep in your heart?

  • Can you rewrite your story and change the outcome by doing the work? What outcome matters?

  • Breakdown the myths created with lies. What are the boundaries you have defined as the reasons why you do not try? Why are you stuck? Focus only on that which you can control, how can you make the outcome different?

Note: We live our beliefs by bringing them to life. That happens over and over again and until we create another mental system to understand.

Beach camping with my fav adventurer!
Three days of water sports and exploring our local beach town. 
The first-night sunset reminds me of Sanur in Bali, Indonesia
Trying out Sara’s standup board around the cove.

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