Be Adventurous

This journey towards our dreams will never be perfect. Quite frankly it is pretty ugly in some parts. But my goodness are we not magical when we find that start? When we do not give up when we keep on showing up.

It is not about the show that never performs. It is about that inner quest that knows beyond the stage there is our own masquerade to play. We are searching for an identity.

A sort of reason that explains why we strive for so long and for so hard toward ourselves. I look back on photos of a time when I was naive. Aren’t we all naive when cast within our own spell?

Then I write, I speak with my emotions. That is when I can breathe. We love through our lives, in a legacy of a vise. We can and will venture on because that is the wheel we turn onto the dock, into the ground who knows where it goes around?

But I know there is no turning back. There is only forward. I rarely take back words, I sense that we speak and deal with the consequence. Be wrong doing what you know is right.

Know where you stand and what is worth thriving toward. As the world returns to catching up from the cold, I am following up on tasks given short deadlines for articles and feature stories of my work.

For the first time I am ready, I am excited to take charge. I have been waiting in line and let the person behind me pass. This time I say my number is up I want to show up.


  • Take charge of your heart. Let it guide you back to yourself. Listen when you are called to play or even when you are called to work. What can you shuffle around to make space for a morning of adventure?

  • Be ready to accept the good things wanting to love themselves to life. You cannot make space for the good if you hold tight to the brokenness of memories.

  • Live in the broad expanse of your biggest self. Pull your shoulders back and stand upright and breathe so deep you might miss a beat.

Note: You are the captain of this body of life. Decide which course in which you embark. Then dive into the waves and decide where you will make a way.

We booked our early rise kayak adventure, but then we saw a storm was cooking.
We jumped on the kayak and listened to the warning to return if we heard thunder.
The water was a bit tricky, but we experienced only a few drops.
Night runs have been fun we average about 7 miles despite the pleading in my head to go home. The nights are nice with my headlight glowing we see foxes, deers, and jumping rabbits.

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