Art Start

You need not know all the answers to live toward the extreme. There is a call, a step, an unsettled plan. It is the longing that you are wanting. The seeking and seeing what can be made with the greatest of hands. Then you leap and you reach toward that something that is worth falling. The shadows come chasing, but at this moment the desire is stronger than your will to let go.

So charge, run, muster up the fight. Torn and pulled in the directions that seem never-ending. Draw the lines before you run out of time. Then grow, shoot up, and out of your own battered soul. There are these defining times when the lessons come flooding in and we know it is time to take our turn.

Then the world glows. The crashing of tides collides with the cliffs in our minds. Fire up that hungry spirit and become the beauty that the world is longing to love. Be the hope for blessings won. Live on your brink and take the lashings off. Soar toward that ever open door.


  • Be a part of something good.  Walking in the forest to clear your head or trying a new hobby instead.


  • You do not need to know every step. You do not even need to be good at something you start. But most important above all is to create. Express your heart with your actions. 


  • If you need a time out, then take it. Never stop that which brings your heart alive. Even when the world is questioning and you are doubting. Trust in your will to overcome all that seems lost. 

Note: Returning to love in its full form takes strength and courage. Do not back down when you stand a chance to live the openness of your greatest self.

Back in 2013 South Kensington with Victoria Rose interviewing her for the media film internship. Little did I know then how much that meeting meant for both of us. She is the camerawoman behind Bali Fashion Dream.

In the grass waiting for a friend at Columbia Rd flower market in East London, always reaching for sun kisses.

My adventurous entrepreneurial mom, she is my biggest cheerleader. She was dropping me off to fly from Dulles back to Bali 2015.

One of my earlier visa runs from Bali to Singapore wearing my Elsa Fitzgerald Daisy dress and the F.Scott Tuxedo Jacket. I always enjoy seeing my friend Sammy and Sham.


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