Hide Out

Distance is not always a place or a person, sometimes it can be a matter of space. Space from yourself. Put a gap between what you would normally do and what you know does not work. Thoughts cloud hope wishing to shine. Keep writing, keep singing, keep doing those things that make creativity count. Approval is not always the point.

Perhaps a body is created for your spirit to come alive. It is in this movement towards a heart-fluttering joy. Weave passions that have been rationed. It is not about winning and being the best. It can be about a slow dance, moving between emotions that make the heart glad.

Then pull it out of you. Train the heart to laugh and make time to smile. You are the most beautiful person to get to know. Lift the shadows out and wrinkle through the pages of inner ties. Happiness once lived without bound. Can you ignite that measured match? Throw open the windows.

Draw up the marks that sandcastles once made. Take off your shoes and stay for a while. Cross your legs and pose into a breath. You cannot keep running. Perhaps take this time to walk. Walk toward a brilliant new dream. Yesterday’s memories and lessons teach you where to start.

The breakthroughs come when we are willing to let go. To put our legacy on hold. Showing up to light routines that choose to open that book. From start to finish make a note to never let go of yourself. Embrace your hurts, and lift out of your dormant state. You are a brilliant blessing to the world.

Since you are already here, why not share the best of you? Become that person you adore, that you cannot miss a moment looking at with joy. Make the heart happy to be in your presence. Say the most darling things to your minds post. Winning a joyful hand that makes these times not feel so sad.


  • Just because this is the way you have always lived, does not mean that is the only way.


  • Look at the person you are deep down inside and your way to strengthen the inner core.


  • What is not working and needs to change? 


  • Be patient with yourself and stick to the path for growing out of hurt.


  • Don’t be afraid to let go of parts of yourself that no longer work.


  • Trust that you will come out of the work happier

Note: You do not grow from standing still. You do so by working on your garden every day. You hold yourself accountable. You show up to love yourself.

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 12.35.11 PM

Back in 2010 when I wrapped up my Master’s thesis, we zipped off to Miami to party during Art Basel.

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 12.35.37 PM

December in Miami was lovely and an amazing view after months of research behind a computer.

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 12.35.27 PM

Our lovely host Patricia on the far right and my sister Grace in the middle.

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 12.35.51 PM

The sun was super strong. I got a dark tan in just 2-days of sunbathing. I lost a lot of weight working on my paper. I am still very proud of the research. It set the foundation for the work I did in Bali.

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