Sunny Spring

It has been a fun journey filling in the gaps of the heart. Making room for the parts that had been left out. Building a life that is more balanced and reaching out. Feels a bit like a morning rain when history sleeps. An intimate chance when all seems to be alright. Life will always storm, so does the mind. Yet within there is something, someone beautiful always coming alive.

Sometimes I get torn into a worry state until I remember to time out and meditate. Then I rinse the heart out and let the concerns dry with the day. The whips and turns that the wheel intends to destroy is all but the course that leads your happiness home. I always had the answers where consistent commitment becomes form. 

Still moving in and out of habits wishing to be made the norm. The best part of this work on self is that intensity feeds on your inner needs. Where does the clutter block your joy? In this space of inner distance, I have found choice. Less ruled by the will of my mental extremes. 

Instead, I am scaling my battles that should have already been won. It is a lifelong ambition to let go of what I am not, and to seek the goodness that is ever flourishing. By pulling back, I have seen so much opportunity finally taking its place in line. I was too busy fighting.

Don’t be afraid to give yourself time. A few minutes in the morning to get grounded. That walk in the sun which is always calling you to dance with trees. The answers you cannot find live in your mindset. It is almost time for me to choose that next step. I take it fully.

Wrapping my arms not around a passion, but on life. To embrace the goodness that is always there when I am able to lift my heart to praise. An opening where clouds once dwelled becomes the warming time for the birds to know. This is what flight is all about, the passing and coming of moments that intertwine.


  • Deep dive into beautiful moments 
  • Nourish the building blocks of yourself 
  • Watch patterns that attempt to bring you back to pain 
  • Stand up for your heart’s choice 
  • Move out of former methods of operation 
  • Build a factory of dreams

Note: You have got to want it intensely, that change that you desperately need. It is not in the punches you must avoid. Rather it is going into the emotion and letting it go. Then finding those punches in the gut that you have held tight. You are not your suffering. You are your joy. So love being you with all that you are and then share that pleasure with love.

This was a tough day back in London, the day I saw the man I loved and had to walk away. I turned toward a dream I could not believe. I stood in the mirror put on my lipstick, wiped my tears. It was time to film our fashion fundraiser video. I was wearing the Holly dress from the first collection.

We ran around the city, with a suitcase of clothes and a camera. Sharing the story of a will full of possibilities. Wearing my signature Burberry white lace trench coat.

In Notting Hill in front of my fav antique shop, wear my Barbour jacket that had taken many strolls around Hyde Park.

Taking product shots of the collection at London College of Fashion. I could not have done it without the amazing creatives Ruhani and Casey. This Holly dress is now being developed in Baltimore at Belvidere Terrace Atelier.


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