Interface Reboot

If this is my once in a lifetime shot at being alive. I ponder how can I be of service by being what I love? That at times can be a challenge as my mind wanders and is excited by a great many things. There are also these lovely spaces within my soul waiting to be explored.

Is it ok to change, to evolve, perhaps to move out of one’s own escapes? To sit and watch the rain as it dances along with a window’s pain. At first, this sort of pondering can be a bit awkward. This is the way it has always been done, so why change things now? I know that this last fashion book in the Fashion Dream series is drawing a line in the sand to where I must stand.

I have spent 20-years in this fashion space: from the shop floor to the director’s chair and onward to the manufacturing floor. There is a slightly different role within myself that I would like to grow. Still exploring and discovering that next phase of passion laughing. Seeing what sort of person in me is waiting to be found.

Outside of taking the light pause while assisting my sister with the second cutest nephew in the world. I am enjoying the patience to remove the standard flow of operations. Picking and choosing aspects of my working life that live on and the ones to shut down. At the moment it feels like I am sort of clearing my mental desk from the way I once lived. Carrying out the box of that which shall not remain.

If time is limited than what shall I spend it on? Slowing down irrational thoughts of the obsessive troughs. We are launching some online course programing for the fashion school. I have another video to edit, but I don’t want fashion to be so serious anymore. I want it to be a fun play land.

I want to produce film content that is educational and entertaining. Not one that is so volume physical product-driven. I am exploring developing a digital fashion factoryland with fun and interesting characters sharing their love of process. Moving away from an industry with too many waves. Fashion should be happy, kind, and loving.

When did it turn away from imagination to pushing out kids from playing and letting only the exclusive few to sit at the cool kid’s table? What is fashion anyway, but hands cutting and sewing fabrics into clothes? It is the storytelling that I love and perhaps maybe that is the reason why I never locked on to being the diligent sewer.

It is ok to pause. Answers are not always solution-driven. At times, silence is the best way to live out loud. Regarding the last book London Fashion Dream, I have decided to end content story-telling on August 28th. Sort of like a painting that you are not certain when it is complete. That date allows me to tie up the manuscript without reservation.

I have not met the lady I intend to become, but something tells me I love her already. She is all that I have always longed to embrace within myself. It is just that now I am willing to run towards her. All my life I have been running away from reminders of self.

Being ok with this transitional phase makes room for a new wave to break through the noise. I am excited for those unknown possibilities. My approach has centered around the chase of something else, I am curious to see a way that can be made when I am not so vigorously clawing my way from my flaws. Ease lets the breeze take wings to flow.


  • Fighting is not always the way to a breakaway 


  • Intensity can stand for an underlying fear 


  • Holding on too tight can suffocate the most beautiful of flowers 


  • Less of more and more of less


  • Edit and let go 


  • Commit to loving yourself 


  • Explore the oceans of your curious adventures: the words that I am reviewing – Impact Investing / Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship – what does that mean and where do I go with these concepts?

Note: Play the game – I dream of being? Approach it as a child looking forward to growing up. When I first began public speaking, it scared me to pieces and made me nervous. I began to really get pulled into the power of thoughts shared. Your search does not need to lead to anything at all. Whoever said, what we love must be our job? Perhaps it is just for fun.

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 9.41.57 PM

Photos from a shoot we did before the world took a step back. Sketching in my drafting table in the studio.

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 9.47.57 PM

Hand sewing the hem of a newly made skirt for the Wren suit.

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 9.46.30 PM

These are the pieces that are placed onto the fabric. Then cut out and fabric pieced together through a number of operations that are sewn.

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 9.45.37 PM

Testing a pattern for the skirt part of a dress suit.


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