New Life

When life returns, dreams and passions flood those spaces of loss. Beauty grows beyond the death traps the mind sets. Let the will to love without abandon be the reason to shed skins that cannot win. Those broken pieces will wash away with the sand if allowed. The edges that were so rough have softened. Hope shoots high towards a sky that lifts the gaze.

The sun kisses today awake and there begins a trained grip pulling and stepping with every breath. Clouds shade the escapes that always want to play. So then stay, have a seat and let us break. Moving away from the mistakes we take on the life we had always wanted. So blind from the mesmerizing zeal that never became real.

Redefine your stance and be ok with letting some parts of the equation drop off. Who you were is not always who you will become if you are lucky. The work required to exercise the heart out is a conscious unreasonable stretch. Yet it is the most needed to be a part of the team. You can live on your own island of your mind, but the beaches of paradise keep you thirsty. 

Drink from your own nourished self and really ask, what would make you happy? If you do not know that answer, then that is where to start. What does happiness look like today? How can you build a castle with your bare hands? Leading with bricks made up of your inner person. Do you know what makes you thrive?

Get to the root of you. Who are you? What are you meant to do with this blessed life? Every day is another chance to: ask, reach and be. It is never too late to love yourself and the life you carve out. Do not be afraid to hear the voice your heart knows. It is a magical sound that this great big world is waiting to adore.

Shout out to all those dreams and hopes that have been left abandoned. They matter. Your ideas count. You count, you matter! It is an interesting winding road we lead. Win at being you, fully and expressively complete. Rewiring your emotional equipment is hard work, but you are writing the manual. 

This past week I shut the systems down. A total reboot, no fashion, no school, nothing beyond nature escapes and family. What a difference a week can mean when given the intentional space to wake. To let the mind silence, so the heart can beat. When you let the heart live through your dreams, what does it say?

What are you saying with this life? I have been lead through the runway of fashion traffic signals. I know that fashion will always be in my heart through my creative work. Yet I have a space that I am cultivating behind the scenes. The women I feel in my heart is brave. She is strong.

She is dressed to live a life that creates a positive impact. She leads with a lasting impression and will never stop. Reaching higher than her eyes can see. The walls that once kept her trapped have been knocked out and a pathway has been laid to become the best version of herself.


  • Stop! As much as you can for a 1-week mental retreat. Do only wellness and balancing activities. 


  • Distance from those ordinary thought patterns. Do not try to solve anything. Surrender to the break, let the pause expand unexercised expansion muscles. 


  • Breathe in the world the life wants to share with you. Exhale the residue of past emotions that clutter your soul. 


  • Release control, let the grip of circumstances of your life and the way it has been be free to wander. The way it has always been is not set in stone. 


  • Go to the heart, strip away all that was meant to work out. 


  • Embrace your curiosity to dream and reconnect to those parts of yourself thought lost. 


  • Do not try to find a total solution or a packaged deal – just explore the who you have become today and the childhood self that once knew how to play.


  • Then plug in your system and look ahead at the path you have been walking, is it still for you? 

Note: Do not be afraid to change your mind and find another line. If something you love, does not work, stay only as long as you are meant to learn. When the story must end let the book close and send it off for another to enjoy. You are not your lies, you are the ties that you strengthen to come alive.

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 2.58.25 PM

We had shutdown filming for the Dear Sally Show, but with the rise in inquiries and need for face masks we mapped out a way. I filmed at a distance so this process could become available. I was able to break my 1-week fashion fast with filming this episode that will launch this week.  

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 3.43.50 PM

Happy to see our front page feature article displayed in Sally Di Marco’s sewing studio and the set for the Dear Sally Show.

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 2.38.59 PM

My second Masters is in Nonprofit Management & Social Entrepreneurship. Photo was taken during my Bali days researching nonprofit practices are around the island. I learned about educational programs in village communities. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 2.40.04 PM

When I first arrived to Bali, I taught English lessons to the local orphanage. This work eventually lead onto a bigger program that developed and flourished for 3-years. These days I am interested in being on the other side supporting those social impact leaders. Fashion will always be my first love, but I would like to make space for a new part of myself to grow. Clothes are lovely, but the root of my work has always been about people. How do to make a positive impact on the lives of others? How can to be of service to support another person to flourish. 

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