Sing Out

I just couldn’t seem to get it together today. I know it is linked to a late-night studio move, but there seemed to be something else. We received the joyful news that my little nephew was born today! Looking forward to shutting down some work for a moment to help care for my sister and the little guy. Still there was something plaguing me that I could not put my finger on. There is some funding that I have applied for – a manufacturing grant, but I am dragging my feet on this one.

There are times when we feel lazy and there are other times to listen. Pause go within and let the story play out. Sometimes we move ahead with something or someone because it seems like the right thing to do, but there are other times when we know deep down not to hit send. I want to create a factory in a nontraditional way, if I send in for this funding then this forces everything to grow.

Our industry must and is changing in a dramatic way! I can see myself still consulting and advising during these shifts. But I do not feel called to put factory workers back on the wheel, spinning in production circles to no end. I want to see happy sewing machine operators who are able to share a meal together and not squeezed for the minute. That is not a world I wish to build.

I am still mapping out what that looks like in the the digital space? I am ok with so many doors of this industry closing. They are closets better left locked in the past of human abuse and methods that hurt. A job that harms a life is not worth another turn. It is heart and head wrenching to step aside and say, ‘no’ this does not work. That means then one must pretend and imagine an alternate world. 

My new studio is smaller than the previous space, there is still work to do: cleaning, sorting, painting walls, and fixing the floor. My initial thought is to get a bigger space for all my things, but then when I looked to all those things I have many items that do not work. A vintage typewriter, music player and spinning wheel. Things with great intention that are taking up space. Why grow a system that doesn’t work?

We call this pivoting in the world of entrepreneurship. For this week I am going to hit pause and let the dust settle on the new studio. This is not to fight, but a time to let inspiration surface. A failed concept rarely cleans up to win. Do not be afraid to be the underdog willing to find a different path through the woods. I know I love this industry, but I want to build something different. Something wonderful and loving. Just because it is the way it has been done, does not mean that is my solution.

I am not good at pausing, resetting and letting life lead the way. I will do all those right things to make my heart smile: yoga, meditation, exercise, and creative exploration. Time to ease off the gas before I take off toward a cliff. Looking forward to wrangling myself through this week of presence, letting the inner voice shout. I will let a little goodness grow as I turn off all the facets I keep pumping.


  • Do not let your inner knowing be silenced, work through the systems of your mind to create space. 
  • Running that extra mile in the wrong direction does not bring you closer to your personal truth. 
  • Be ok with being afraid to create, to stand at a distance to figure out what is wrong.
  • Retrace your steps in this finite time and do all the things that will make your person lead the way. 

Note: Take the training wheels off! Go off roading with your heart. Let the love of imagination burn through the order of reality. Call upon an emotional play with your thoughts. Even if the road leads back to the path you started, move then with your conviction. To stand still to gain clarity is never a waste of time.

My studio priorities, vintage sewing equipment and fashionable art.

The WICO building is where the studio lives now on the 5th floor just behind my childhood home.

Beautiful things that I love, but need to work or to find a happy home.

Wearing my Icosa leggings designed by our SEW BROMO course leader Nicole Samodurov. Had to move in a bit of a hurry as I had been staying isolated and not going to the building. Wearing my batik mask made by Ibu Nuri Auger. Even managed a studio virtual meditation with Jason Williams in the midst of the factory madness. 


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