Gratitude Practice

An inner shift must happen in order for circumstances to follow. The frustration with results is more a matter of self. What inner work is not taking shape? How to move out of the finger pointing mindset? What does that look like to say it has been me all along?

Stop accepting the noise and start clearing space. What are you carrying that is weighing your spirit down? Can you let it out? Can you admit the ugliness to yourself? The parts that have lived in a constant state of denial. A life of repetition without lessons.

You cannot runaway this time. For the world will not let you turn. Look close in the mirror and face the beauty that is always looking back. Can you love wholeheartedly? How many years can you wait to make a change? It is never too late to create.


  • Spend time defining yourself. Identify where you want to grow, then determine how to make those moves work. What needs to change within you? Choose one thing that you cultivate.
  • Look back and remember a time when you were completely happy, and life seemed to shine. What lead to that time of your life? What were the right things that helped to create this shift?
  • Celebrate the wins of this life. Look back and think of all the blessings that you have enjoyed. Pick three moments where you took a chance that grew into a wonderful reward. 
  • Keep starting again, every day! Do not expect a change to happen right away but keep showing up and working at your better self. 

Note: I have been struggling and striving to reign my progress in. To work on those small steps that count, but it is an everyday sort of thing. I am always dropping the ball. The wonderful reality is that with every day that I am blessed to wake, I get to try again. It is not in the pursuit of perfection that I reach for a better self. It is in the appreciation of the lovely self that I live.

I love coloring my hair raven black, but I have been holding back. Forcing my natural color to grow. It seems my natural color is a auburn with red shades. Still getting used to seeing myself as I am meant to be. I tend to like to live in the dark shadows of self. Yet I am enjoying the course correction of letting my true self thrive. 

Really love these photographs by A. Aubrey Bodine – known for his images of Maryland landmarks and traditions. 


Photo from a few years ago on a trail up in the mountains writing about emotions. 

A shelved collection of 1920’s inspired vintage lingerie – opening the design book to bring the concept back to life. 


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