Crystal Ball

You will not always know the answer. What is the next step? Should I stay, or should I go? Yet in your heart if you define the next phase of your dream then that helps you to move. Sometimes the words for the blog come faster than I can write. For those other times I usually do not write. Yet, I know that the only way to thrive is to continue to try.

It is not in these grand climbs that we win the summit. In fact, we win when we do not feel the will. Trust enough to step out even when change does not seem present. Keep doing the small right things that you continue to set aside.

My small steps have become my greatest priority. They are not even related to my work or my dream. They have to do with the outlier activities. As I move ahead with the routine, I feel a shift happening. Yet there is the ever-present desire to pull myself back in the mud.

My mornings start by removing the habit of looking at my phone. I get out of bed drink a full glass of water. I journal one page of emotions. I used to love that activity, but I keep looking up and thinking and losing focus to write. Then I read a gratitude focused book, currently reading the Magic. I have started this book 3-4 times and have not been able to go through all the exercises.

I shower and complete the work day between 6am – 12pm, then by 1:30pm – 2pm I do a forest meditation inside or outside. By 3pm, I am off to 1-2hrs of exercise outside. Evenings 10 – 10:30pm I read a self-care book to reprogram my mind.

Not too much, but enough to hold me accountable. Yesterday I missed the exercise part. I have been a bit stuck, as I have been looking at reports and the changes to our industry. I am not sure which way to direct the navigation, except when I look to my boards and remember to keep creating my own path through the woods.


  • Do not be afraid to become the best version of you.
  • Joy comes when you decide to come alive.
  • Chip away at your darkened self and let new life form.
  • Be bold and build a refined dream. 
  • Stick with it! Over and over again, keep pulling yourself back to this unique idea. 
  • Show up for yourself. 
  • Make time to imagine your heart’s calling.
  • Do the work! Research, make notes, train, try and fall. Then get up and repeat until you fall less, and you get the hang of it. 

Note: I am always waiting for that something different. That moment when all the physical and emotional investments lead to something good. Yet I see now, just because I signed up for the class that does not mean I will pass the exam. I can raise my hand all I want, but if I am not studying and practicing problems then I will feel lost. It starts with keeping to the daily routine. Here we go again!


Finally set-up a little corner office at home. These boards remind me of all the things that I love!

Most of these things in the book, I have read or know from other readings and videos. I continue to connect to inspirational content to flush out other thoughts.

My roommate let me have two blank journals! Perfect time to redefine. Will use one for the documentary & the other for the London Fashion Dream book.

Just a reminder to reach! On the top of my first volcano climb in Bali.


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